We’re out! They gave me the first colonoscopy appointment of the day and everything looked good as far as they could tell. They took several biopsies to further rule out infections and others misc problems but they feel optimistic. We should know biopsy results in a few days. Since I’m at a greater risk of getting sick by staying in the hospital than I am being out in the real world, they released me! Dr. Humar wants us to stay locally until Monday so we can monitor my progress and be available to come back if my symptoms persist. We liked this plan.

A good colonoscopy result is great and yet another thing we can rule out as being a cause for my symptoms. However, we still aren’t sure what is causing them. The most logical conclusion at the moment is that my body started having an adverse reaction to one of the drugs I’ve been taking. Apparently this can happen even after one has been on a medication for a while. The team has now totally switched up my medication protocol to see if we can’t resolve this through the process of elimination.

I just took an hour-long shower at ‘home’ and promptly fell into the hotel bed. After the multiple CT contrast injections yesterday, the gallon and a half of florescent green colonoscopy prep I chugged through the night, the propofol and anesthesia from the colonoscopy and the colonoscopy itself, I feel like a walking concoction of toxic chemicals. I’m going to drink loads of water, eat lunch from where I sit (Jordan’s out gathering pasta bianco from DiAnoias as I type) and sleep off the drugs.

Your prayers are powerful. Keep them coming. Thank you!!!

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