Thursday, June 13th

Everything’s ok. We met with Dr. Humar this morning and everything looks great. Sally still has a blue wire coming out of her chest (think aux chord) that we hook up to a doppler sensor that sits right next to the main artery going into her liver. When we plug it in there’s this lovely, reassuring whoosh that allows us to hear the rate at which blood is flowing to the new, Model-V UltraLiver.

He may take the chord out Monday. This is called serious progress.

All of Sally’s liver numbers look great, and with the exception of magnesium, so do the rest of her blood indicators.

So we’re hanging out in the hospital on a rainy Pittsburgh morning and she’s getting an IV dose which should take care of business.

She’s sound asleep on this hospital bed next to me and in about 45 minutes we’re going to leave here and go eat breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in the world.

And then we’ll keep resting, maybe walk SalTak in the glory that is Frick Park, watch a romcom and later tonight pull for the Warriors .

Vince and Mercedes are home in South Carolina, Katie leaves today to get ready for her upcoming trip to Cuba.

All this to say that things are calm and and that Sally is doing wonderfully.

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