Thursday Night Prayer Request

One of the weirdest parts of receiving a new liver is that each body dials in its anti-rejection medicine differently.

In keeping with the spirit of the fantastic care we’ve received from the first day we came to Pittsburgh, Sally’s transplant coordinator called this afternoon to let us know that one of her medicines was reading too high. They’d checked twice with the lab and want Sally to hold off on the medication for a day and a half and pick back up with a half dose Sunday. We head back in for another appointment Monday.

We love specific prayers. We love bringing specific, named problems before the Lord.

We’d love for all of you who follow this who would like to join us to spend a few minutes this evening praying that Sally feels better, because having too much Prograff in your system is just like having too much of any drug. She’s been feeling unnerved and weak all day, and the transplant coordinator said that the symptoms she described were in line with having too much of this in her blood.

They’ll get her dialed in, we have no doubt. This is all a part of figuring out how to host a new liver. But in the meantime, please just pray that Sally get’s some relief from these weird feelings she’s having.

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