Just As We Were Packing Up A Coyote Entered Our Camp

Please keep praying for Sally. Things were going as planned but this morning she had more blood in her intestines. Dr. Humar has decided to perform an endoscopy this afternoon in order to see if he can identify the spot that’s open and cauterize it if he does.

We pray that this is the case. Sally’s liver functions look and sound good.

Something is going on (an ulcer, a blown connection) that they have to identify.

There has also been an increase in her white blood cell count. This could be from steroids or could also be linked to an infection. Please pray for the former and that they come back down.

This is hard. She is having pain in her abdomen. Please pray for relief for her and that they can find the answer.

The endoscopy is going to take place in a couple of hours. I’ll let you know as soon as it starts/ends.

One thought on “Just As We Were Packing Up A Coyote Entered Our Camp

  1. With this news we are stopping everything to concentrate on Sally and Answers and Cures and Perfect healing throughout her sweet body❤️💕❤️

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