Friday – 4:07

I’m with Sally now. We’re waiting to get back up to her room in 11 North, as the place that she’s in right now feels like the party basement of some weird guys mom’s house.

Nevertheless, the doctor who performed her endoscopy came out and talked to us. He located an ulcer at the intestinal reconnection point we mentioned the other day (or was that last month?).

He had a tool that he used to apply a clamp to the ulcer. The ulcer has all types of blood vessels running through it and that’s how blood was getting into her digestive tract. We’re 99.9% that this ulcer was the source of this kerfuffle and most likely the cause of the elevated white blood cells as well.

We shall wait and see. Chances are we’re in the North Tower one more night. Let’s all start praying that tomorrow’s the day Sally gets to go home and slip into her silk jammies and a clean set of sheets.

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