Friday – 2:57pm

Sally is in her procedure room for her endoscopy.

On the way here I snapped a picture of Sally riding the gurney. A series of window-lined tunnels connects the different buildings here at UPMC. When we went into the one that led us here it was the first time she had been in the sun in 8 days.

I love this because it’ll show all of you where she is spiritually. Her faith is incredible. All she wants to do is laugh. Her sweetness is real and effortless as it seems.

Even after this week, being stuck in a hospital bed, getting cut open from nave to chops and having not showered or washed her hair, this is her.

I’ll give you all updates as I get them. Please pray through this with me. Please hold hands, read scripture and spend time just sitting with Sally in your heart right now.

Pray that this is a solution-based procedure, that the doctors are able to identify the cause and act with utter precision (like Rafa taking down Roger Federer at the French Open this morning, sorry Keith 😜).

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