Wednesday- 7:35am

Sally’s hemoglobin level dipped back down to around 7.8 last night but is holding steady. We’d like to see it at a 12 but will take anything over 7.1, that’s where the doctors get worried.

She’s still as cute as a button.

Please continue to pray for her healing, specifically that the little connection heals ok and that her body starts to build up a blood reserve of it’s own making.

I ran into Vince and Mercedes out in the hall of our place last night, you know, just out taking a stroll. We all just scratch our heads, marveling the two of them, in awe of each of their collective strengths; Vince with his determination and drive and Mercedes with this unlimited spirit of care and attention. She hasn’t left his side. I can’t make the same claim (but we’re “need sleep” people in my fam and know that it’s better for all parties if I’m rested up). Mercedes seems to just need a cozy blanket and a small chair and she’s fine to sit by Vince for a month straight. It’s beautiful for us to have a front row seat to their love.

That’s about it for the morning other than the fact that the weather keeps holding and there have been some wonderfully gorgeous days. Pittsburgh is rich with architecture and history, hills and windy mountain roads that connect trendy neighborhoods. It’s been surprising and refreshing to be here and I’m counting the days until we can have Sally out of the North Tower of UPMC and out enjoying this with me.

SalTak is better than ever, she’s been going to Camp Bow Wow and seems to have turned a corner with her nervousness.

Please keep praying for health and healing for Sally, she’s been so encouraged by all the wonderful sentiments you all have shared with her and she knows in her bones when you are lifting her up to our Father so please keep doing that.

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