A Prayer for Sally


We come to you as a community under one banner right now and that’s to ask that your healing power eases Sally’s pain, stops her bleeding and restores her strength.

Lord, she’s been so brave, she woke up rejoicing and she’s knows you led us down this path to these very surgeons and this city and this hospital. She’s smiled bright even in great pain, and she’s encouraged Vince, her father, her sister, her mother, my parents and me. She’s not doubted for a second your love for her, and she has asked us to pray right now.

So we are. We praise you for redefining our view of you, for letting us call you Father, for letting us fear your power and know your goodness at once. We praise you because you redefined our sin when you said that all had fallen short of your glory, and you removed the burden of becoming mindless, religious people. We praise you because you’ve redefined redemption, come into our hearts and shared a vision of abundance, healing and feasting. We praise you because you’ve freed us from our former masters: greed, pain, power and fear.

We see your glory in your creation and we still don’t know when you’ll whisper to us, we see miracles in our lives everyday and we still forget to offer our praise.

We offer that praise now. We remember how you didn’t come to conquer while you walked this earth, but you came to heal. You soothed old pains and diseases just because people asked. You said we could all ask you, and we do right now. We ask in your Son’s name for healing for Sally.

Father please let her have rest, please let her quit bleeding in her intestines, please let her have peace, please give the doctors the answers they need to get her feeling completely restored. Completely free of any more complications.

Father, we call on you because you’re good, you’re true and you’re here with us as we go through these trials.

We ask this all for Sally, one of your sweetest souls you ever made, that she turns a corner and walks out of that hospital room healed, whole and ready to start building your kingdom. One bolognese at a time.

In Christ name we pray, Lord,

And all God’s people said:


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