11:20 – from Sally

I know a few of you are probably refreshing like crazy looking for an update so I wanted to give you peace and tell you to get some rest as we probably won’t know anything until the morning. They actually just finished the transfusion so they’ll be drawing some samples and getting results in over the night. Doubt we’ll catch wind of what anything means until the sun comes up. I got some color back in my cheeks and actually passed out harder than I have since I went under anesthesia on Thursday. I was our cold for about an hour most recently but it was a goooood hour. They’re dialing back the steroids a little (praise) and I’m accepting my full pain med allotment tonight (!), which should mean I’ll drift back off here after the next blood draw and vital check.

Please excuse any typos. Thank you all for your prayers. I actually feel them in my bones. It is Katie’s night to stay beside me in the awful hospital recliner by the bed. She’s watching a movie on her phone and just seeing her little adorable hand pop out from under the blanket holding her phone up is bringing me so much comfort. I’m praying J is sleeping. I’m off to la la land myself. Keep the prayers coming. My scar is healing very nicely and I don’t want them to have to open the wound again.

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