Monday – 3:06

Pardon the quick update but I know a lot of you are dying to know what’s going on so here’s the low down.

Vince is being discharged. Honorably. He will be sitting in our nice little apartment building thing by sometime early this evening. He had a rough go for a second on day three and then turned a corner and is ready to roll. His attitude has remained the same; determined, confident and a lovely touch of irreverence.

Sally is doing great, too! She had a rough ride last night with some nausea and dizziness but all of her IVs are out and she’s been walking. She actually did some stairs today but that wound up getting her pushed back to her room in a chair.

We would like to ask for prayer for her from all of you warriors and believers and second guessers as well. She is going to have a blood transfusion here in the next hour or two.

She needs this because her hemoglobin has been steadily reducing over the last few days. It’s gotten very low (down to 7) and they are going to give her a big dose of fresh new blood.

Obviously this is an unwanted section of trail to navigate, but that’s why we do it with the words of our Father as a lamp to our feet. Please pray for Sally right now, specifically that she is able to muster strength and endurance have peace. Pray that her mind and heart not be anxious.

It’s incredible to be surrounded by so many people who are fantastic problem solvers. We’re hoping that this may be one of the last little hiccups we face before Sally can hop on Vince’s heels and get home to see SalTak and her silk pajamas!

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