Call to Prayer

Sally is currently receiving her blood transfusion. It should take 4 hours, so that would make it 9/9:30 when it wraps up.

Her hemoglobin has declined all day. This combined with other evidence (which shall remain nameless in the spirit of TMI) has led the doctor to believe that there could be some place that is bleeding internally. Specifically it would be where they made the connection of Sallys bile duct to her intestine.

Best case scenario is that there is a small tear that will heal itself (which is possible). Worst case scenario is that there is a bleed going on that would need to be fixed on the operating table.

We obviously don’t want this to happen, however, if it’s the necessary step we’d have to go through with it in order to fix this problem.

Please do these two things if you’re willing:

• pray that Sally’s hemoglobin count stays up through the night

• share this post and ask someone to do the same

Sally is tired, over this and not necessarily feeling like she’s at a rhubarb and brie cheese toast pop up. But she’s the smartest, most determined and intuitive person I’ve ever met and she’s handling this part with grace and wisdom.

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